Leontine Laurent Nkebukwa


This paper assesses students’ access and use of library resources in promoting business education and development in Tanzania. Specific objectives were to identify the types of information resources used by students at the College of Business Education (CBE) so as to determine the extent to which students are satisfied with the available library resources; another object was to identify the challenges which CBE students face in accessing and using library resources.  The study was carried out at CBE main campus library in Dar es Salaam. Simple random sampling was used to select 25(twenty five) respondents from each of the six selected department making a total of 150 respondents. The study employed case study design and used a combination of methods in collecting both quantitative and qualitative data. Data were collected by using interviews and personal observations. Questionnaires and Interview Guides were the tools used for data collection. Quantitative data were processed and analysed using SPSS, while content analysis was adopted for data qualitatively. The findings reveal that books, past papers, journals and electronic resources are the major resources used at the main library. Also, the findings revealed the challenges facing library users which include restriction of reading hours, inadequacy of reading space, problems of internet connectivity, insufficient number of computers as opposed to the number of students, insufficient number of qualified library staff to assist users in searching for both print and electronic information. The study concludes that, for the effective use of library resources, there is need for the library to be expanded (to improve reading environment), and ensures a stable internet connectivity. There is also need to increase the number of qualified library staff. The study demonstrates the need for academic institutions to have libraries and resources that are proportionate to students, population. However, the study recommends to the CBE management to increase the library budget that will be adequate for acquiring relevant educational materials. The significance of allocation of funds to libraries and other educational resource centres is critical for the provision of adequate and quality services to students and other library users.


Access and Use, Library Resources, Business Education, Education and Development, Tanzania.

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