Anthony Magoma, Atupakisye Simon Mwakolo, Enid Ernest, Laban Gasper Letema


This study was conducted at CRDB Nyanza branch in Mwanza with the aim of measuring the level of customers’ satisfaction with CRDB SimBanking services. CRDB Nyanza branch was chosen because it is one among the financial institution providing SimBanking services and is located in Mwanza City center. A SERVQUAL model on the five dimensions of tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy was used. Convenience sampling technique was used to sample 100 CRDB customers who are using CRDB SimBanking services. A self-administered SERVQUAL Model based questionnaire comprising of 22 items. Results were analyzed using SPSS. Quantitative analytical techniques of Cronbach Alpha, correlation and regression analysis were fully applied. The findings revealed that the strongest predictor of customer satisfaction was reliability (R2= 50.2) followed by assurance (R2=28.2), tangibility (R2= 25.4), Responsiveness (R2=12.7) and empathy (R2= (9.5). The study recommends that CRDB as an institution should improve their services by focusing on empathy by improving its customer care to its clients.


SimBanking, Customer satisfaction, Service Quality, SERVQUAL Model

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