Lilian Simon Mlay, Jeremiah Wilhelm Tumaini, Robert Galan Mashenene, Petro Maziku


This paper explored the current production potentials in Dodoma region with emphases on the existing agribusiness investment opportunities. The study employed secondary data from Dodoma region annual reports on agriculture production for 2015/2016 and data from the Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) published reports. Descriptive statistics was used in data analysis in which descriptive features such as histogram, bar charts and tables were used in presenting the study findings. The study findings reveal that paddy, cassava, sweet potatoes and pulses have higher productivity in small planted areas posing great opportunity for investment in such crops. Similarly, under cash crops grapes, simsim, groundnuts and sunflower indicated to have high productivity which calls for investment. In the same line, vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, Chinese, onions, eggplant and carrot indicated higher productivity. The study further found that sugarcane, pawpaw and banana had high productivity, suggesting suitable investment opportunities in horticulture. Lastly the study recommends modern farming technologies including the use of well-developed irrigation systems and agricultural implements should be adopted. It further recommends the development of processing industries for crops mainly grapes, sunflower, fruits and vegetables.


agribusiness, investment opportunities, Dodoma, Tanzania

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